MDs, Therapists & Lawyers

- General Medical Consultation
- Attornery Referral
- Image Diagnosis Referral & Study

Car Accident / Injured

- Car Accident / Injured
- Therapeutic Massages
- Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation

Rehab & Relax

- Lipocavitation
- Post Surgery Massages
- Anti Stress & Relax Massages
- Facial Treatments
- Stretching

Welcome to Scape Health Care Clinic

Scape Health Care Clinic is part of the Scape Spa, Inc. Group, with more than 5 years Serving our Community.

Miami's Scape Health Clinic understands how stressful life can be and that's why we offer a large selection of stress-relieving spa and Medical Clinic Treatments. Restore your body and mind with a relaxing massage, such as Aroma Oil, deep tissue, and Swedish massage, Rehab you Body and mind as well after receive our Medical Treatment.


Our Facility is one of the best in our Area with more than 5 year giving the Best Service, with the most professional Staff we offe Services in differents Areas:


Transportation Available

Whether it's your Treatment, Clinic, Rehabilitation, Accident, Transportation can be provided

We know that sometime after an accident is hard to drive again, that's why we help to our Patients with Transportation Services TO / FROM our Facility, we make ir easy, every Patient just have to request the Service.

You can ask for Transportation Services in our Facility, you can call or visit us to know how to apply to this Service.